Low Platform Pumps

low platform pumps

Low Platform Pumps

The Low Platform Pump is very popular model for small-scale construction. It’s a simple low heel with an extremely long lasting comfort layer. The heel of this model is not very high, making it great for work and play. It’s a great choice for people who may be intimidated by standing on their toes all day.

These low platform pumps are made with a rubber/leather outer sole and a fabric inner sole. The inner sole has the synthetic sole material that allows the unit to conform to your foot while you are standing on them. On the outside of the sole, there is a rubber piece which helps provide traction and keeps your feet from slipping around. The synthetic sole insole helps to keep your feet dry even if you have walked through water or mud.

The design of the Low platform pumps consists of a rubberized inner sole and a textured outsole that provide non-skid traction. They come in either a middle or an outsole design. The inner sole is made of breathable synthetic material that provides comfort and shock absorption. The textured outsole provides non-skid traction for natural day comfort. The almond toe design adds a soft, subtle curvature that works well with all feet and is also helpful for increasing gait and stability.

Most low platform pumps will come with an insole that features a memory foam cushion and a non-skid back plate. The insole is made of highly breathable synthetic material that works as a shock absorber. The material is surrounded by a soft interior, which helps to keep your feet comfortable.

The pumps usually have a midsole made of 100% acrylic, that is comprised of air pockets and has a slip-resistant non-marking sole. The insole measures approximately two inches across and is made of highly breathable synthetic material that works as a shock absorber. This is located near the heel of the shoe and is comprised of multiple air pockets for air flow around the heel and foot. This prevents any unwanted airflow from getting to the foot and keeps your feet cool and comfortable.

The almond toed heel is another popular choice. These are extremely low-heeled shoes that provide a smooth premium feel to them. They are great for work, casual, and even sexy. The almond toed heel measures approximately three inches across and features a slip-resistant non-marking sole. The soft, smooth premium leather material provides a comfortable and attractive alternative to high heels. The textured outsole provides non-skid traction for added stability and makes a great gift for any woman.

If you are looking for a great everyday shoe you will love the new almond toed, seamless platform pump for both work and play. It features a smooth non-marking sole and a durable slip-resistant non-skid platform that provides total comfort and support. The textured outsole provides enhanced comfort for active women and helps to keep your feet cool and dry in any type of weather. The smooth premium leather upper provides a slimming effect and helps to keep feet dry and comfortable. The synthetic sole helps to reduce the chances of twisting and slipping which also helps to provide traction for added stability.

This style is the perfect casual shoe for all your everyday activities from work to play. The innovative textured outsole and seamless platform to provide total comfort and support while adding the look of sophistication. The lightweight and flexible almond toe adds a contemporary flair to the shoes and is also available in several colors. They are great all day long for comfort and are suitable for all occasions.