You must have heard about that ugg boots, particularly quality ugg boots which are arguably the most famous winter boot of our time. Ugg boots are best known for warmth and comfort. Ugg boots are a unisex style of sheepskin and perennially popular boots which are typically made of twin-faced sheepskin, not only that, also with fleece on the inside, a tanned outer surface, and a synthetic sole.


You couldn’t go outside this winter without seeing a parade of women of all ages wearing the chunky sheepskin boots. So pervasive are Ugg boots that more than a quarter of American women now have a pair.
“They have become the winter flip-flop,” said stylist and fashion consultant, who has worked with brands like Victoria’s Secret and TOMS. There’s a reason Ugg boots are so fashionable even beyond being stylish; they are incredibly comfortable. During the winter, it seems virtually everybody, from celebrities and models to schoolchildren and working adults, pulls don’t give second thoughts about putting on Uggs to stay warm. Uggs are a versatile boot that comes in many different colors and styles and pair well with a variety of casual cold-weather outfits. Investing in a pair of Uggs will maintain the warmth on your feet during winter, and provide you with a great comfort like no other.


If you’ve ever worn a pair you’ll know they are the warmest, most friendly shoe you’ll ever putt on. They were introduced for practicality, not fashion. So, we’ve no right to tar them with that brush
It’s a 7.30am shuffle to the train station when you’d rather be in bed, and Uggs offer a consolatory comfort that’s hard to come by in the deep midwinter. So take it, own it and get over it. Follow these rules first, and always spray them with suede protector first.

• Don’t wear your Uggs every day

Though comfortable, Uggs, if worn too often, can damage your feet. They have relatively little support, which stresses your feet and ankles. Make sure you have a pair of good, supportive shoes to compliment your Uggs with during the winter to keep your feet healthy and not wearing it every day will prolong the life of the boot

• Don’t wear them in the summer

If it’s warm enough for denim cut-offs or a summery dress, it’s too warm to be putting on Uggs. Your feet might hurt because of the heat so, it’s better you put on another shoe

• Keep them low-key

Match ugg boots with a relatively not too bright color combinations and these will make you appear smart and cool.

• Don’t wear them with a tracksuit

Are you aware that the rest of your outfit needs some structure, or else they look like slippers?

• Go short if you don’t want to appear too obvious

Want the conveniences but don’t want to go full-boot? Opt for the ‘classic short’ style in a brown or black color like Charlotte Casiraghi.


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