Women shoulder bags

Virtually every fashionable woman gets their pride and confidence from their appearance. None other combination best suit a well-lined outfit than a befitting and stylish shoulder bag, picking a stylish bag that’s all the same in vogue can be a little impossible. That is why we have thrown so much passion to help you find a way. Check out our list of shoulder bags to help you shoulder your burden.

Patchwork bag

This is one of those wanting to channel their inner-hippy. Shades of tan, brown and cream combined in a patchwork pattern are about as boho as you can get. It’s roomy, too.

Mansur Gavriel Crossbody bag

The US designer’s sleek, minimal take on contemporary accessories has earned the brand instant sell-out status. With this cream style, it’s not hard to see why: it’s a classic piece that will see you through seasons to come.

Ostrich Feather bag

Evening wear specialist Coast’s feathered bag will jazz up even the plainest of dresses. Plus the classic monochrome color-palette makes it super-versatile, as does the removable strap.

Orange Loop Tote

Thanks to an ongoing revival of all things retro, orange is having a moment. This bag is ideal for those not ready to go the whole hog in a head-to-toe tangerine outfit.

Chanel camera Bag

Whether brand new, or vintage, these bags look perfect as an evening accessory with enough room for all the necessities on a night out.

Managing your weight with these shoulder bags

While living in the digital age, it’s very much possible to choose style over usefulness. Without giving it a second thought, we will purchase the fancy looking purse or handbag over the practical and functional option, which can lead to shoulder pain.

Hanging that heavy bag on a shoulder can cause your natural gait to be thrown off (by interfering with your arm swing), your center of gravity will shift to the side, and your bag will also cause your upper trapezius muscles to become overactive and stiff.

Below are simple three tips you can try and reduce the adverse effects of carrying a shoulder bag.
Reduce the content of the bag

This may seem like a common one, lessening the load that you carry on daily can importantly relief the strain you place on your shoulders and neck. Consider doing a weekly inventory of your purse to see what you need or don’t need.

Change your bag on your other shoulder
It may seem tough for one to get used to as you likely have developed muscle memory and subsequent tension on the side you carry your bag on, but switching to another shoulder can help balance the load, and decrease the strain and asymmetry on your body.

Use a multipurpose shoulder bag

Try using a bag with different strap choice. Changing between cross-body style, on the shoulder, and holding the bag as a clutch can offer rest and comfort to those often overused, upper trapezius muscles.

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